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This folder contains odds and ends from Fortean Times which don’t really fit in anywhere else on this site, including the rather nice flyer which appeared during the time when Fortean Times was The News.

FT 28 – “Khobalus”. (Published in 1979, this was basically a light-hearted look at Sod's Law and related phenomena.)

FT36 (1) – This was a small item that caught my eye in issue 36 (p.15, published 1982) and FT36 (2) details my reaction to it. Perhaps understandably, in view of its mathematical content, my response was never published in the journal. The carving – by one Daniel Gumb – features as a bit of “sacred geometry at the Cheesewring” in Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst’s book. The Sun and the Serpent (1989), p.51.

FT65 – “Unearthed: ancient Indian wrist-watch wind-up?” (Published 1992.) Having lost contact with the coin-dealer who owned the oddity described in this article, I am afraid that I cannot tell readers if there ever was a sequel to this story.


Indigesta Shakespeareana – This was one of several pieces written for Fortean Times, but never actually published.