Index to Sci-Phi Folder

An Introduction to Sci-Phi – This was a series of three articles on some unorthodox applications of the Golden Ratio, phi, published in the Journal of the International Fortean Organisation (INFO) in 1977–1978.

Part 1, published in issue 25 (Sept-Oct 1977), deals mainly with the alleged use of the Golden Ratio in the Great Pyramid. To view, click here.

Part 2, published in issue 26 (Nov-Dec 1977), deals with the eccentric theories of Frank S. Lonc and his son. To view, click here.

Part 3, published in issue 27 (Jan-Feb 1978), deals with the alleged aesthetic appeal of the Golden Ratio. To view, click here.

Der Goldne Schnitt – This is the text of Adolph Zeising’s book, published in 1884, and mentioned in Part 3 of An Introduction to Sci-Phi. To view, click here.

Frank S. Lonc & Son – These are the works by or relating to the Loncs, as mentioned in Part 2 of An Introduction to Sci-Phi.

Folder 1 contains a copy of Frank A. Lonc’s little booklet – The Key to the Cosmos (1940) – now a very scarce item. To view, click here.

Folder 2 contains the following, each of which can be accessed here.:

a) Three minor items by the Loncs – their revised Periodic Table of the Elements, their revision of conventional circle geometry using phi instead of pi, and their application of phi to the human body (for explanations of all three see An Introduction to Sci-Phi, part 2.)

b) Four items relating to the Loncs as covered in Tiffany Thayer’s early Fortean Society publications, The Fortean and Doubt. (Again, see An Introduction to Sci-Phi, part 2.)