Index of the Great Pyramid Folder

A Pyramyth – This was first published in The Ley Hunter issue 90 in 1981, and subsequently translated into French for publication in Kadath: Chroniques des Civilisations Disparues issue 44, also in 1981. It explodes the curious myth which arose in the 1970s concerning serious scientific experiments to X-ray Chephren's Pyramid at Giza in the search for hidden chambers. To view, click here.

J. Leith - The World’s Oceans – This is a very eccentric piece of Pyramidology by Leith, bearing the wonderful title, Why is the Bulk of the Ocean retained in the Southern Hemisphere? or, the Scientific Meaning of the Symbols and Measures of the Great Pyramid of Egypt (1885). To view, click here.

Ludwig Borchardt – This is Egyptologist Borchardt’s early example of Pyramid scepticism, Gegen die Zahlenmystik an der grossen Pyramide bei Gise (1922). To view, click here.

Pyramid Energy – The article Pyramid Power & Mummification was published in the Journal of the International Fortean Organisation (INFO) issue 21, in 1977. My preferred title for this was The Great Pyramid and the Mummification of the Potato, but the editor didn’t share my enthusiasm! To view, click here.

Pyramid FashionsFolder 1 reprints two short articles by Stuart W. Greenwood – “Pyramid Slope & Northern Latitudes” published in The News (later renamed Fortean Times) issue 9, in 1975 and “The Giza-Stonehenge Connection” published in Fortean Times issue 15, in 1976. It was these two articles which prompted the response in Folder 2., “That Damned Pyramid”, published in Fortean Times issue 18, in 1976. [There is a misprint on p.14 column 2 of this article. The passage angle of 28° 18′ should read 26° 18′.]

Smyth & the Royal Society – Charles Piazzi Smyth’s booklet The Great Pyramid and the Royal Society, published in 1874, documents Smyth’s resignation from the Royal Society over their refusal to publish his paper, “Of the Length of a Side of the Square Base of the Great Pyramid, as measured by Modern Science.” The booklet includes the paper as well as letters to and from the Royal Society. To view, click here.

Smyth & Equal Surface Projection – This is one of Charles Piazzi Smyth’s lesser known efforts, On an Equal-Surface Projection for Maps of the World and its Application to certain Anthropological Questions (1870). Basically, the Great Pyramid is the centre of the world, and the Greenwich Meridian should be replaced by a Great Pyramid Meridian. The proposal was never adopted…. To view, click here.