Index to The Ley Hunter (TLH) Folder

TLH 73 (Undercurrents) – My letter to The Ley Hunter relating to the publication of the Undercurrents Survey, the computer analysis of the alleged ley lines reported in John Michell’s book The Old Stones of Lands End (1974). (To view, click here.) This is the letter to which I refer in the Stonehenge Viewpoint folder (access here, under "Land's End".)

TLH 74 (Undercurrents) – John Michell on “Statistical Ley Hunting”, this being a response to the Undercurrents Survey and my comments on it in TLH 73. To view, click here.

TLH 75 (Undercurrents) – This was a response to John from Chris Hutton-Squire, one of the two authors of the Undercurrents Survey. (To view, click here.) It was also here that Chris put into print proposals for the MONA Project, which was to treat Anglesey as John had treated the Land's End peninsula – as a test-case for the ley hypothesis – but one avoiding the selectivity issue that had arisen in John’s work at Land's End, and which had proved so impossible to unpick. So far as I know, the project never actually materialised.

TLH 76 (Undercurrents) – This is a response from John to the foregoing. (To view, click here.)

TLH 79 (Lands End) – This contains the accounts by John Michell and myself of our expedition to Lands End at the end of October and the beginning of November 1977. (To view, click here.) The expedition came about in connection with an interview for Canadian Radio conducted by Roberta Watt, for more details of which see the John Michell Memoir on the present website (access here.)

TLH 87 & 88 (Landscape Geometry) – This folder contains a two-part article on the problems of chance in Landscape Geometry. To view, click here. (The alignment mentioned by Paul Devereux in the heading to the first part of this article is covered in the next folder.)

TLH 87 (Craigearn Line) – One of the few really intriguing alignments I came across in my statistical travels. For once, I wasn’t wearing my skeptic’s hat! To view, click here.