1.A Learned Dissertation on Dumpling; its Dignity, Antiquity, and Excellence, with a Word upon Pudding – Anonymous (London, 1726)

2.Pork and its Perils – Anonymous (London, 1879)

3.An Essay on the Nature, Use and Abuse of Tea – Anonymous (London, 1722)

4.The Blemish of Government, Shame of Religion, Disgrace of Mankind, or, a Charge drawn up against Drunkards – R. Younge (London, 1655).

5.Ipswich Temperance Tracts: Dirt, and a Word about Washing – W. Clayton and J. Livesy (no date.)

6.The Fascinator, or, the Knight’s Legacy: a Prize Essay on the Moral, Social, and Economical Results of the Use of Tobacco – H. Noel-Thatcher (London, 1871).

7.A Treatise of Buggs – J. Southall (London, 1730)

8.The Beard – Physically, Economically, and Morally Considered – by a Bearded Man (Manchester, no date).

9.Hints to the Bearers of Walking Sticks and Umbrellas – J.S.Duncan (London, 1808).

10.A Treatise of the Extraordinary Virtues and Effects of Asses Milk  –  F. Hoffman (London, 1754).

11.A Treatise on the Virtues and Efficacy of a Crust of Bread  –  by A Physician (London, 1756).

12.Wonders Displayed by the Human Body in its Endurance of Injury – from the portfolio of Delta (London, 1848).

13.Rules for the Government of the Lunatic Hospital and Asylum in Manchester – no author (Manchester, 1791).

14.The Name of God in 405 Languages – W.E.A. Axon (Manchester, 1870).

15.The Steam Locomotive as Revealed in the Bible – Tresham Dames Gregg (London, 1868).

16.The Anti-Newtonian, or a True System of the Universe – Anonymous (London, 1819).

17.The Trissotetras – Sir Thomas Urquhart (London, 1645).

18.The Great Pyramid of Egypt: a Digest of Great Pyramid Teaching adapted to the Comprehension of the Unlearned and of the Unscientific – Philo-Israel (London, 1876 (?))

19.Accounts of the Ten Tribes of Israel being in America – Robert Ingram (London, 1792).

20.A Revealed Knowledge of the Prophecies and Times, Wrote under the Direction of the Lord God – Richard Brothers (London, 1794).

21.An Historical Account of the Life and Talents of the Learned Dog Munito – by a Friend to Beasts (London, 1817).

22.A History of the Aztec Lilliputians – Pedro Velasquez (London, 1853).

23.An Authentic Autobiography of Catalina d’Erauso, a Runaway Nun, Sailor, Soldier, Lieutenant, Gambler and Duellist – compiled by Don Pedro de Savanilla (Manchester, 1884).

24.An Authentick Narrative of that Most Horrid Parricide, committed upon the Body of Mr Blandy of Henley-upon-Thames by his own Daughter – Anonymous (London, 1752).

25.Christopher Columbus: a Monograph on his True Burial Place – Sir Travers Twiss (London, 1879).

26.Fons Perennis: a Poem on the Excellent and Useful Invention of Making Sea-Water Fresh – Edmund Arwaker (London, 1686).

27.Dentologia: a Poem on the Diseases of the Teeth – Solyman Brown (New York, 1833).

28.Ought Women to Learn the Alphabet? – T.W.Higginson (Manchester, 1873).