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[Note that Fortean Times was actually called The News (subtitled “a miscellany of Fortean Curiosities”) for its first 15 issues, though I here retain “FT” for the early issues simply because it is more familiar to most people.]

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FT 13 – Leys, UFOs and Chance. This was an early attempt (1976) to analyse claims that as many as 90% of UFOs (whatever they might be) seem to occur on or near ley lines. The booklet mentioned in the opening paragraph was The Linear Dream, which was never published in the end, except in an edited form by Chris Hutton-Squire in the magazine Undercurrents (issue 18, October-November 1976 - access here.) A revised version of it will, however, appear on Michael Behrend’s website in due course – “revised” because the Furness Formula on which it was based turned out to be wrong, though not so badly that its results were rendered useless. On the contrary, the general thrust of the booklet was sound. The present article – “Leys, UFOs and Chance” - will likewise be revised on Michael’s site, though the general thrust of it likewise remains sound.

FT 14 – Leys and those Whatsits – This was a response to the foregoing article by F. W. Holiday, author of The Dragon and the Disc (1973) – a book that was subtitled “An investigation into the totally fantastic.”

FT 16 (1) & 16 (2) – My response to F.W. Holiday. Note particularly the spurious 3:4:5 triangle delineated by farm-houses, a good demonstration of chance effects in Landscape Geometry, discussed elsewhere in The Ley Hunter folder.

Other articles from Fortean Times can be found the “The Great Pyramid” folder and in the “Miscellaneous” folder elsewhere on this site. [The “Miscellaneous” folder also contains a rather nice flyer for Fortean Times in its early incarnation as The News.]