The Linear Dream.

The Linear Dream was written as a critical study of the ley-hunting scene back in 1975. It was never published in book form, only ever in the heavily edited and summarised form given here, which was actually put together by Chris Hutton-Squire and published, under my name, in Undercurrents 18. Despite problems with the formula used, the conclusions reached in it remain largely sound, as will be seen when a revised and updated version of the original study, this time by Michael Behrend and myself, appears on Michael's website in due course. The Undercurrents version will then be redundant, of course, but I give it here as the original study is referred to in a couple of items elsewhere in the "Pyramids and Ley Lines" section, namely, in "Leys, UFOs and Chance" in the "Fortean Times" folder (access here), and in the Acknowledgements section at the end of the "Undercurrents Survey" in the "Stonehenge Viewpoint" folder (access here, under "Lands End", folder 1.)

To access the Undercurrents version of The Linear Dream, click here.

The original 1975 version of The Linear Dream, with some appended updates, is now online at:

More updates will be added in due course, as and when they are ready.