Barren Tracts?

Contents (With full titles, date and place of publication etc.)
1. A Dissertation on Dumpling
2. Pork and its Perils
3. The Uses and Abuses of Tea
4. A Charge against Drunkards
5. Ipswich Temperance Tracts
6. The Fascinator Tobacco
7. A Treatise of Buggs
8. The Beard
9. Walking Sticks and Umbrellas
10. Asses Milk
11. A Crust of Bread
12. Wonders of the Human Body
13. Lunatic Asylums
14. The Name of God
15. Steam Locomotives in the Bible
16. The Anti-Newtonian
17. The Trissotetras
18. The Great Pyramid
19. The Ten Tribes of Israel in America
20. Richard Brothers
21. Munito the Learned Dog
22. The Aztec Lilliputians
23. Catalina d’Erauso, Runaway Nun
24. Horrid Parricide
25. The Grave Problem of Columbus
26. Fresh Sea Water, a Poem
27. Dentologia
28. Women and the Alphabet